Edition of 400 lithographs. Image size: 25.25" X 21"

"This painting is the result of an inspiration based on a statement by the Dutch artist Van Gogh (1853-1890). Van Gogh wrote some wonderful letters and, I believe, had he never painted a picture, his letters alone would have earned him a place in the history of man. His letters, in particular to his brother Theo, are some of the most eloquent I have ever read. They convey his love of humanity, his deep inner searching and longing to express the Christ Principle through himself, his actions, his life and, above all, in his work. He came to painting very late; he only had ten years to complete his entire output and he worked at an extraordinary intensity.

     He began to think about the art of the future and as I read what he wrote about it I had an image of the art of the future - and this [painting] was the vision which I saw. In the centre we have the fire of Cosmos, the inner spiritual fire, embodied by the egg-shaped form of the Cosmos, the 'Cosmic Egg', over what I take to be the altar shape, as if it is presenting itself to humanity through some agency, perhaps the agency of religion but in this case the agency of art" - Benjamin Creme

[Note: This is one of Benjamin Creme's earliest works exploring a new idiom.]

Benjamin Creme, 1922-2016 was born in Scotland. His work since 1964 is a reflection of his inner experience; he seeks to give expression to that Inner Reality that becomes accessible to the mind through meditation. His paintings are symbols of spiritual meaning that reflect the profound knowledge of the esoteric teachings that have made him internationally known as an author and lecturer.

Lithographs of "Vision" are available in a limited edition of 400, each signed and numbered along with a Certificate of Authenticity. These can be used to assist one's personal Meditation.