Solar Wind

Edition of 400. Image size: 25.5" X 17.6 "

Solar Wind (1964) depicts the dynamic power of natural forces, at the same time conveying a sense of the omnipresent Consciousness which creates and maintains order. Benjamin Creme said of this painting: “Throughout our solar system there are great winds. These winds have a special role to play. They travel at enormous speeds through the solar system and make great paths through the sun, cooling and regulating its fires. There are also comets, which travel throughout the solar system sowing the purposes of the Solar Logos”.

Although not explicitly related to the painting, the artist’s early childhood memory of seeing the wind is of interest. In the preface to his first book, The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom, Benjamin Creme writes, “As a child of four or five, one of my favourite pastimes was to sit at the window and watch the wind; not the effect of the wind on the trees or leaves, but the wind itself. When I went to school I learned that the air was invisible, the wind likewise, and forgot my ability to see what of course was some level of the etheric planes of matter.”

Lithographs of “Solar Wind” are available in a limited edition of 400, each signed and numbered along with a Certificate of Authenticity. (Painted in 1964)