Pluto Routed

Edition of 350 lithographs. Image size: 26" X 20"

Pluto Routed concerns the external struggle that goes on in every solar system between planets at different stages of evolution. Every planet is an integral part of one whole but, at the same time, each may be at a different stage. As we humans evolve through many incarnations, so the planets have seven incarnational cycles, or 'Rounds', each spanning hundreds of thousands of years. In the painting, the central white disc represents Venus (7th Round), the long yellow form Jupiter (6th Round), the red form Mars (the middle of the 4th Round), and the green form at the top the Earth (also middle of the 4th Round). The black form moving downward is Pluto, in its second Round. In the middle of the 4th round the spiritual nature of a planet begins to manifest, as does that of its population. Pluto is a powerful 1st Ray planet but, being only in its 2nd Round, often interferes negatively in the lives of other planets.

The painting represents the overcoming of Pluto's destructive activity by the combined spiritual powers of the other higher planets, to the benefit of the whole System.