Kundalini Rising

Edition of 350 lithographs. Image size: 25 1/2" X 20"

Kundalini as the fire of Shakti, the female perinciple and the creator of all forms. Through scientific meditation that fire, coiled like a snake at the base of the spine, rises through the chakras to unite with Shiva consciousness at the top of the head.

Transmission Meditation, combing karma yoga (the yoga of service) and laya yoga (the yoga of energy, of the chakras) necessarly involves the awakening and correct directing of the kundalini energy. The kundalini is gradually raised through the already prepared higher centres in a special sequence depending on the individual. This scientific process is in the expert hands of the Masters directing the Transmission. Premature or unsupervised awakening of the kundalini, without preparation of the higher chakras, should not be attempted.

In the normal course of life, kundalini is rising all the time but in small, controlled amounts, thus safely. The regulated life of service is the best guarantee of safe kundalini control. When it is scientifically guided through the chakras, prepared in the correct sequence, there will eventuate a degree of enlightenment and, if the person is ready, initiation.