Green Deva

Edition of 350. Image size: 21" X 28"

Deva is the Sanskrit term for Angel. The devic and human evolutions are separate but closely related. Humans evolve through the development of mind, devas through the development of feeling. There are devas in many shapes and colours and at all levels. Devas work with the masters to carry out the Plan. They are the 'active builders', working intelligently with substance to create forms of life; the whole of nature is maintained in correct relationship by the devic evolution. Our mental, astral/emotional and physical bodies are created by the devas.

Devas come in every combination of colour but the most common on our planet is the green deva. Green devas are particularly close to the human evolution, and carry out a huge range of work on the physical plane. They are responsible for the natural world in all its forms and activity. (Painted in 1991)