Within The Gates

Edition of 400. Image size: 28" X 16.25"

In the coming time, achievements along the Path of Initiation will become the dominant aspiration of millions. For long a solitary process, initiation will embrace large groups, who will attend the Mystery Schools that will set up in various countries covering the world. There are five initiations - great expansions of consciousness - leading to the Mystery of Liberation. These are symbolized for us in the life of Jesus: the Birth, the Baptism, the Transfiguration, the Crucifixion (the Great Renunciation in the East) and the Resurrection. Today, 4 to 5 million people stand at the threshold of the first initiation. This will provide a great stimulus for humanity.

The third initiation, the Transfiguration, is climactic. It is the first Soul initiation, which makes the person truly divine for the first time.

"Within The Gates" portrays the achievement of these first three steps towards liberation. It is one of a series of paintings symbolizing the Path of Initiation. One of these, "Approach", already exists as a lithograph.

It is interesting that Mozart, who was himself a third-degree initiate, used the theme of initiation in his opera, The Magic Flute.