Flame Coloured Deva

Edition of 350. Image size: 24" X 19 "

The deva (or angelic) evolution is parallel to that of the human, vast in number and variety of forms and development. It ranges from tiny subhuman elementals and "lower builders", through the human, to superhuman levels equal to that of the Masters, and includes mighty cosmic forces of tremendous potency. The devas are of many colours and types, and work witht he Masters in carrying out the Plan. They are engaged in teaching, healing, rescue and much other work. Humans evolve through the development of Mind. They are the Sons of Mind. The devas evolve through the development of feeling. They are the daughters of Feeling. The long term plan is for the human and deva evolutions to come together as the "divine hermaphrodite".

The "Flame Coloured Deva" is an embodiment of the fiery, 1st Ray energy of Will and Power. The white oval shape in the centre represents the Devic entity, while the red flame-like forms represent the outflowing radiation of that Will and Power. (Painted in 1976-77)