by Benjamin Creme

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Benjamin Creme is internationally known as a lecturer and author of esoteric philosophy and ideas. His many books have been published in a dozen languages.

Born in Scotland in 1922, he started painting at age 13 and has been a painter all his life. He lives and works in London, England. His earlier work was stylized figurative painting, and for some years he painted many landscapes, rather abstracted.

Since 1964, his work has been totally esoteric in its meaning, and symbolic abstract in its nature. The element of fire, which he sees as basic in all life, is of paramount importance in his work.

A deep knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom teachings, and the long practice of meditation is the creative basis for his work. Since 1959 he has enjoyed the inspiration and stimulus of one of the Masters of Wisdom Who lives in the Himalayas. This has had a profound effect on his life and painting.

The lithographs are made from his original oil paintings.

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